Thursday, December 6, 2012


So, things got pretty hairy this past week. I was very worried my piece wouldn't come together in time, either compositionally or in rehearsal. However, with some hard work, pressure, late nights, good musicians and a happy composer, things sounded great. The piece came together in just two rehearsals. I got a lot of positive feed back about my piece. People honestly sounded like they liked it, and since I was really happy with the score and performance in the end, I really believed them. A few people commented on how it would transfer to a wind band piece quite easily. An interesting idea, for sure. A few people also mentioned its similar form to the piece we recently performed in Wind Ensemble, Wootton Bassett. That was unintentional, but it does have a marked similarity. It also steals from a graphic notation piece I wrote in high school.

I really enjoyed this semester of Comp Seminar. I think it's helped me grow a lot as a composer... as before the class, I would hardly classify myself as one. So thanks to everyone involved who made it a great semester. Your supportive and helpful ways benefited me in ways I can't repay! Hopefully music will do.

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